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It's time for a breakout season. So I'm taking my career to the next level with Pro Sites Unlimited. With one click, I'm communicating with the bass fishing community through videos, new product releases and reporting my success along the tournament trail. And when sponsors want to know what I bring to the table, the numbers speak for themselves. While my competition is talking to one, I'm reaching out to a worldwide audience that continues to grow. To take your tournament fishing to the next level, check out Pro Sites Unlimited today.

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Seaguar fishing line is one of the most used fishing products in my fishing arsenal.  Line is something that you always have to take into consideration before heading out on the water.  Read more>>>

Tournament Trail

Carson Orellana Fishing - powered by Pro Sites Unlimited

Riding off the momentum of last season, I'm looking forward to taking it to the next level in 2016. With local and regional events on the horizon, I'm keeping my skills sharp and eyes on the prize. You can follow me on tour by checking out my Tournament Trail page with my complete schedule with results as they come in. Check back often and hope to see you on the water.
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FEATURE VIDEO - Lowrance Electronics

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Carson Orellana Fishing - powered by Pro Sites Unlimited

Love it or hate it, there’s little doubt that the Alabama rig has added a new dimension to bass fishing, and especially during cold weather when fish are really keying on schools of bait. But which version should you use, and how should you fish it when the mercury drops? Carson Orellana, a college bass-fishing whiz from Mooresville, N.C., is at home on a lake where the A-rig has a big following, Lake Norman. He’s seen how the use of the jangling assemblage of wires and blades, jigheads and swimbaits has changed over the few years it’s been a staple for anglers. >> read more

Carson Orellana Fishing - powered by Pro Sites Unlimited

The calendar shouted “Happy New Year”, but the water-temperature display on the screen of Carson Orellana’s Lowrence depth finder said 61.7 degrees. Orellana, a college bass-fishing wizard from Mooresville, was easing his bass boat around a pocket in the back of a creek off the main body of Lake Norman late last week, and he was obviously having a good time. >> read more

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